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Tips to Secure Your Email Account?

A secured email account works best and nowadays when hackers show up nearly on every site, securing the data is a must and should not be neglected at any cost. So, in this article, I will be covering up ways to secure your Outlook web app!

1.A security check is a must, ensure the same by turning on the two-step verification process and removing the cache or unwanted data from the mail, meanwhile do not forget to turn on the screen lock.

2.The software update is important, since if the operating system is updated then it is safe from hackers. In short, it helps in protecting the account.

3.By switching to strong passwords and it has to have a special character in it, keep in mind that you keep the same password for more than one site so as to avoid inconvenience in near future.

4. Remove all cache and unwanted apps by simply deleting them from the android device, this, in turn, would protect the device.

5.If by any chance you notice suspicious activity or spam feel free to reach out to the customer service help and lodge a complaint about cybercrime. 

Meanwhile, the steps are all you need to follow up so as to secure your account.


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