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Solve Cannot Send and Receive SBC Global Emails:



If you’ve recently encountered Cannot Send and Receive SBC Global Emails error, then it can occur due to various issues. So, to help you in this situation, we’ve mentioned the most common 4 issues and their solutions to deal with particular error effectively:


Issue 1: Emails Forwarding Issue.


Solution: Sometimes, without knowledge, the received SBCGlobal emails were being forwarded to other addresses therefore, fix it by disabling your ‘Forwarding Settings’ to again start receiving SBCGlobal emails.


Issue 2: Typing incorrect email address


Solution: You need to have carefully entered the correct ‘Email Address’ of the Receiver to send SBCGlobal emails without any difficulty.


Issue 3: Sender’s email address is blacklisted


Solution: Check if you’ve mistakenly blocked any email address or not. If yes, then remove the name from the blacklist and for that go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Junk Mail’ options and click on the ‘Block Senders’ list to remove the email address by selecting the ‘Remove’ option.


Issue 4: Firewall Interrupting/blocking Your SBCGlobal email login and exchanging emails 


Solution: Disable firewall settings by navigating from ‘Control PANEL’ TO ‘Windows Firewall.’ Then, click on Turn off Windows Firewall.’


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