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Simple Ways to Set up the SBCGlobal Account on iPhone?


Users, who need to access their SBCglobal email settings on iPhone, have to set up their SMTP email setting on their SBCglobal account.

However the POP and SMTP server details are published on an ATT website which is the subsidiary of yahoo website.

Steps to configure your SBCGlobal account on iPhone are:

  • Tap on settings 
  • Select add account option on the display screen.
  • Tap on the name field and write your valid credentials.
  • Tap on the email box and enter your SBCglobal mail account.
  • Now enter your password.
  • Tap the POP option on your mail screen and select incoming net server i.e.
  • Then type your outgoing email address i.e.
  • Then type your SBCglobal email and fill the password
  • Types save.

Now you can configure your SBCglobal email on iPhone.


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