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How Can I merge Yahoo mail and Gmail accounts?

Juggling between a few email IDs can be a challenging task and create confusion as well. Fortunately, most of the email service providers give you the option to all emails in a single inbox. When you merge the email inboxes, you can send and receive emails at a single place on the web.

This will come in handy if you are using a desktop email client for all your conversations. Don’t waste your time by checking different email inboxes, just use a single one with the help of import features. Gmail and Yahoo are two top choices for anyone who wants to use email services. So, if you want to merge both of these accounts, just follow the import process on Gmail and start using them as one.

How to Merge Gmail and Yahoo

If Yahoo mail not sending emails or getting a different problem with it, just import all the emails from Yahoo to Gmail using the Yahoo mail POP settings. To know more about it, read the blogs on Google about the importing of another inbox. Yahoo does offer a mail forwarding option but you have to upgrade your account to a paid account. If you don’t want to use the paid Yahoo version, then you can just use the import feature on Gmail to get the emails from your Yahoo account.

Let’s have a look.

  • Open a web browser and enter in the URL and login with your credentials.
  • Now, click on the gear icon from the top right of the page and then select the Settings option from the list.
  • Now, go to the Accounts and Imports tab from the top and then click on the Import Mail and Contacts link.
  • Now, you have to enter the Yahoo email address and then click on the Continue button and then type in your password for the account and click on the Continue button.
  • Then, Gmail will verify the account by logging into it and then give you the options to import the emails.
  • Just select the Import Mail checkbox and then click on the Start Import button.
  • And once the process is finished, click on the OK button to stop the process.

So, you will be able to import the Yahoo mails using the Gmail import feature with the steps listed here. But if you change password on Yahoo mail, you will have to update the import settings on Gmail for it to work continually. 

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